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Susi's social media activity is dedicated to the best aspects of being childlike - wonder, imagination, contagious curiosity and continuous learning. She will be sharing favourite resources on Twitter and drawing out insights on Instagram via 4BeingChildlike Accounts. This direction was inspired by Sir Ken Robinson's research on Children being creative geniuses. Sir Ken is passionate about building creativity back into our education system, and so is Susi. If you haven't heard Do Schools Kill Creativity? it's well worth the 20 minute break. Sir Ken describes how children are typically 10 out of 10 on the Creativity Scale and that sadly decreases with age. The good news is, when we use all your senses to learn, we create new brain connections (yes, throughout life). Over time, Susi will be compiling resources to encourage your childlike curiosity. Enjoy the journey of continuous improvement, and embrace PRACTICE!

As adults we sometimes need to remember to PLAY with ideas, and practicing your beginners mindset is critical in order to rekindle your creative genius. Check out Susi's Visual Thinking, and Creative Problem Solving Resource Lists, with great thought leaders who have all sorts of practice ideas. They are a great place to start playing with one of your best thinking tools - your hands!


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When we take small steps to regularly practice seeing new perspectives together, IMAGINE the hopeful future we can create for generations to come.


More Learning Resources: visual thinking, lateral problem solving, "act locally think globally", fuel creativity.


Cambridge Dream is a great example of an organization passionate about building cross-cultural intelligence and life skills for the next generation. They have embraced visual thinking and lateral problem solving for all their students, leading by adding the arts back into STEM programs. Full STEAM ahead!

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