Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and the pupil are in the same individual.

- Albert Einstein





CO-CREATE to practice and ENGAGE

Engagement naturally happens when teams create together. I work a a member of teams on critical initiatives to draw out their thinking and ideas, seeing each-others perspective, practicing trial and error refinement while building in healthy dialogue and collaboration skills. This co-creating helps everyone play to their strengths and pull in the same purposeful direction. The results are beyond the end product, they live on in evolving, iterated ideas and opportunities that continue to grow as the team adapts to market, customer and employee needs.

Representative example projects and programs I have co-created with great teams include;


Bespoke Visual Exercise Cards for building self awareness, adaptability, resilience in this time of immense change. The visual cards and exercises align with the organisations purpose and values, supporting personal development habits that create sustained learning and engagement.


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