I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.

-Mother Teresa





ENGAGE to understand and unearth INSIGHTS

Over 25 years of leading experience design initiatives, I found that bringing diverse teams together to visually facilitate understanding really ignited engagement. Whether on a project, strategic initiative, complex challenge or organizational transformation, working with individuals and teams to understand, discuss and experiment together, built their own listening and collaboration capacity. This facilitative work, ensured meaningful contributions, ownership and co-created value. Using visual exercises and working with teams to see the whole, draw out their perspective, connect, experiment, and co-create, they practice authentic, human focused innovation. These skills, built while working together on a specific relevant challenge, help all lead together.


As the complexity of our challenges continues to increase, building visual facilitation capacity within groups, can help us connect the dots around often invisible complexity. I work Live or virtually adapting to the tools and technologies of my clients.

Representative examples where I have supported groups include;

Strategy Activation

Employee Engagement

Customer Engagement

Quarterly Insight and Priorities Alignment

Vision and Values Engagement

Common Understanding

Option Assessments

Customer Journeys

Untangling Challenges

Idea and Insight Generation

Priorities Alignment

Unearthing PURPOSE and Commitment

Do you have a challenge that you would like to shift into an opportunity?

Let's Connect and
Draw It Out Together

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