"Think GLOBALLY act Locally" - it comes up in nearly every meeting I facilitate. How can we do both? What does it really mean? Many times it has participants in a slight panic, or worse, disengaged. They are often overwhelmed by demands both local and global, an struggle to prioritize. At work, vision and stategic direction clarity really helps all focus and pull in the same direciton. At home this phrase can be equally challenging.


Simple local efforts can go a long way, and yet there is ofen apathy, as the challenges are so immense and complex. Facilitating local learning together can help. Pick a passion and just get started, ideally with a friend. My friend Liz and I started with the simple question, what can we do about the plastic challenge? We both are passionate about the ocean, held an evening event in our village to help everyone learn together. Local organization contributed, the village hall was buzzing.


The outcome was community connections, some immediate simple solutions, along with fabulous new ideas. We plan to continue our local efforts by producing "Let's Talk Trash" - tips for our local Magazine that pass along things we can do at home, at work and beyond each month hopefully encouraging all to Act Locally and Think Globally. To get more information, tips as well as global resources, go to HealthyOcean.co.uk.



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