If we would have new knowledge, we must get a whole new world of questions.

- Susan K. Langer






Listening and observing helps with understanding. When 6 out of 10 people in a room are visual learners, coming together in person or online to reflect the wisdom of a group is empowering. Whether in a customer focus group, 1:1 customer interviews or large group conversations, listening well to what people say and do enables insights and connections to emerge. When all see a big picture, from diverse perspectives, it encourages healthy dialogue and supports stakeholder connections. I often work listen in and visualize challenges, goals, research, questions or customer stories. I then build a 1.0 picture that helps everyone see and discuss gaps, and connecting sustainable opportunities in the midst of complexity and uncertainty. BIG DATA provides amazing resource to individual subject matter experts and bringing these experts together to see iterate a picture of the whole enables better decision making at critical moments. This is most valuable when it's customer focused, and can also help teams envision what success looks like and how to create positive options forward. I've found when the groups wisdom is unlocked via conversation and drawing together, momentum builds toward pulling in the same direction to co-create new possibilities. The insights go far beyond analysis, they ENGAGE all in more connected decision making and new collaborative habits that support ongoing creative problem solving.

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