Enhance communication and engagement around your strategic initiatives.

I work with clients to engage audiences and stakeholders to see complex strategic challenges together and grow sustainable new opportunities. I am passionate about helping others build their co-creating capacity both individually and as a team. Connecting through conversation, pictures, drawing together, experimentation and prototyping, cross-disciplinary perspectives and patterns emerge. In a time that demands flexibility and adaptation, it is even more critical that we nurture human creative thinking skills that can imagine and see opportunities for thoughtful ways forward.


Sample services and results include;

- synthesizing and visualizing challenges, research, customer journeys, and critical questions - working together gain insight amidst complexity

- designing, hosting and facilitating virtual and live gatherings that build understanding, alignment and purposeful action - for executives, teams, stakeholders and communities

- co-creating visual artefacts, templates and tools that reflect dialogue, encourage engagement and deeper understanding

- supporting team co-creation, prototyping and bespoke virtual collaborations that activate strategies and organizational values


Virtual Collaboration and Co-Creation Mentoring;
As I listen in to client challenges worldwide, a consistent theme is the difficulty keeping up with the speed of technology change. I've been hosting virtual collaborations and co-creating with diverse teams since early 2000 and want to share my knowledge. If you or your team could use support getting up to speed with virtual collaboration tools, tips or techniques I would love to help. When we all learn to work well together virtually, we will all be able to connect our strengths and plant new seed that nourish our planet.


- Connect to set up a free consultation for you or your team. We can work together to build your collaboration and co-creation muscle, or develop learning labs for your team. Either way, we'll learn together, building skills that support adaptability and virtual collaborative leadership amidst constantly changing technology.

Remembering What We Know; Sustainable leadership starts with curiosity, questions, and active listening. Based on their workshops with hundreds of participants, the authors visually and verbally share their combined wisdom from working with leaders in many fields. A great thought piece, conversation starter or corporate gift.


- Buy Sustatainable Leadership on BLURB

The Importance of Listening IN with Words AND Visuals; In a globally connected world, complex challenges and their interconnected elements can often be invisible. Diverse perspectives are all too easily misinterpreted with words alone. Capturing words and visuals for a group supports understanding and idea generation. I love to help groups see each-others perspective and help them co-create new ways forward. After 2020, listening in and bridging gaps has never been more important.


- Connect to set up conversation  If I'm not the right fit, I have a worldwide network of visual facilitators and am happy to find you a great resource to meet your needs.


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